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3 For Live

3 drivers, 2 way system

Focusing on dynamic range these In-Ear are most likely the worthy successor of the Go – 2 – Rock. When you looking for a little more punch, a little more depth , without the sound quality even slightly effected , then this is an absolute must.
This " triple driver " system can be used live on stage regardless which instrument is being played. Be surprised by the dynamic but accurate sound that is something more ‘smiley bass’. Craftsmanship in a highly refined mould. Perhaps you are the one that can enjoy it. It can also be connected to other audio devices such as iPod 's , MP3 players and for those who already desire higher quality sound experience. Obviously custom made in our labs, so you can always expect the best service .

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115,5 dB/mW
Respons18Hz - 20kHz
28 Ohm
Three balanced armature drivers with a passive two-way cross-over
25dB average acoustic separation