ES30: 3-way power driver in-ear monitor

 3-way POWER driver in-ear monitor

The ES30 is the latest addition to the famous Elite Series, designed to offer performing musicians a well-balanced monitor no matter what instrument they play. Utilizing the latest in balanced armature technology, with a true three-way design (separate low, midrange and high), the ES30 delivers incredibly smooth response without accentuating any particular band of frequencies. The premier true three-way custom in-ear musicians’ monitor for any performing musician. With 25 dB of ambient noise reduction and the long-wearing comfort only a custom earpiece can provide, the ES30 is the choice for the most discriminating musician. The ES30 is also an excellent option for any personal listener looking to upgrade their iPod® or media player with a high-end, well-balanced custom earphone.

Color options



124 dB/mW.
Frequency response:
20 hz - 18 kHz.
56 Ohms.
Three balanced armature drivers with a passive three-way crossover.
Westone EPIC 2-pins removable cable.
Replaceable cable.


• Various colors.
• Also available with Custom Art Shop