Variphone Soft

Adjustable, custom made hearing protector

The Variphone Soft is a new generation of hearing protection. The Variphone Soft is unique because it is the first and only fully custom made silicone hearing protection product that has a 2-canal filter module. This filter module makes light work of testing the hearing protector for functionality (leaktight test). The hearing protector has modular components and, thanks to the click-in unit with adjustable filter, attenuation can be very finely tuned. In practice that means that communication is maintained while alarms and warnings can still be heard. This hearing protector is suitable for workers who want revolutionary, durable and high quality hearing protection manufactured from a soft material. This hearing protector is measured for each person individually and that guarantees perfect fit and maximum wearing comfort.

Unique 2 canal design with adjustable attenuation
70 shore silicone material
± 3gr
Special parts:
Adjustable valve with second leak test canal, red and blue caps (L-R coding)

  • Various colors
  • Cord
  • Ball bearing
DIN EN352-2: 2003