Selective hearing protection... Custom Made!

Noise Clipper© is a custom made hearing protector and the attenuation can be set by selecting a fixed filter which will be inserted in the product. There are 4 replaceable filter options available. These filters attenuate all frequencies in the hearing spectrum but are more active in the high tones. This unique ability of the Noise Clipper enables the user to have communication in a noisy environment while simultaneously being protected against hearing damage.

Due to Noise Clipper’s robust design and simplicity, it is very user friendly and provides a good fit for optimum wearer comfort. We leave you the choice between 2 different materials: durable Acrylic or a Soft silicone. The Noise Clipper© is optional supplied with a cord and clip to prevent loss and is available in various colors.

This hearing protector will be delivered as standard with a durable pouch and earwax remover

1 canal design with selective attenuation filter.
IC style.
Hypoallergenic acrylic or 70 shore multigrade silicone.
± 4gr.
Special parts:
4 different filters are possible.