Wireless Ear

In some situations and for special operations it maybe absolutely necessary to communicate discreetly. For example: special divisions at police services, security, broadcast, bodyguards, stewards at football matches, etc. For these situations Variphone provides a special device called ‘Wireless Ear’ which allows you the opportunity to make a discreet communication.

The working principle of these ‘Wireless Ears’ is based on induction. The audio signals are sent through an induction loop and picked up by the induction receiver integrated in the ear pieces. The induction loop is not visible worn around the neck and can be worn under the clothes. Each earpiece also contains a battery to power the built-in amplifier.

The induction loop can be connected to several audio sources, 2-way radio,wireless phone, mobile phone with or without a discreet microphone (note: a PTT button is required to use the device in combination with a 2-way radio).  This ‘Wireless Ear’ is available in 2 different models, standard or miniature.

Both models are custom made, based on your ear impressions. As an optional you can chose for a wireless ear with integrated volume control or an integrated squelch (auto-shut down when no signal is present).

For special applications it is important to ask advice for all the different possibilities. Please contact your local dealer in this matter.




    • Frequency range: 300 – 500 Hz (according IEC 118-1)
    • Distortion: Less than 3%
    • Sensitivity: 78 dB at 2 Khz
    • Driver: magnetic, balanced
    • Amplifier: customised hybrid
    • Maximum output: 105 dB (depending on the audio sources and induction loop)
    • Battery: 1.4 DC (type A10)
    • Minimum operating voltage: 1.1 V
    • Typical battery life: >80 hours (depending on use)
    • Weight: 3 gm
    • Operating temperature range: –10°C to + 40°C
    • CE: 89/336/ EWG compatible

Delivered in a flightcase with cleaning set and spare batteries.


    • Safe communication
    • Custom made
    • Different applications
    • Easy to use

Specifications of this product depend on design improvement and changes without prior notice.