In-Ear boom mike system

The Microcom system is a generic, low-profile boom mike system specifically designed for applications where the user may be exposed to high noise levels but must be able to use head protection in complete comfort. It is a full or half duplex communication system, depending on the application, which standard is supplied with profiled eartips. Optional is custom made with a soft flexible eartip to assure wearing comfort and to achieve an optimal attenuation.

The communication system, but at the same time a hearing protector, can be supplied in single (left or right) or dual formats. If a single format is used in a high noise environment, it is essential that the opposing ear is fitted with a good quality plug. Acoustic attenuation filters are standard supplied and they allow the user to be aware of alerts. These filters reduce the ambient sound at a safe level to avoid hearing damage. It is also possible to make connection with several different radios and cellphones.

  • Motor Racing
  • Security
  • Aviation
  • Military
  • Public Safety
  • Tetra Radios

  • Lightweight
  • Single or Dual
  • Comfortable
  • N/C Microphone
  • Profiled eartips – (optional custom made)
  • Ambient filters

  • Weight: single 12g, dual 15g
  • Microphone: pressure sensitive, noise cancelling
  • Speaker impedance: 32 ohm
  • Cable: 2.3 mm/1200 PU/Kevlar TETRA compatible
  • Eartips: Profiled generic sizes and optional custom made
  • Filter Options: Standard filter 25dB at 2-4kHz

The microcom in-ear boom mike system offers at least 25 dB attenuation of ambient noise with a fully occluded ear canal.

Specification of this unit may be subject to design improvements without notice.