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Every(w)ear (Shooting)

Universal reusable earplug.

The Every(w)ear Shooting is a universal reusable earplug to be used against harmful noises such as impact noises (shooting) and is the first step in protecting your ears. Due to the 2 different sizes (Medium and Large) a choice of the correct size can be made to assure a perfect and comfortable fit, even for longer periods of wearing. The Every(w)ear is delivered with an IMPACT filter specially developed for shooting and hunting. The unique design of the attenuation filters allow communication under most circumstances while protecting your ears against peak noises. These universal earplugs are also available in a custom made version for even better comfort and a better protection.
Technischen Daten

Universele uitvoering met een impuls filter
universeel design
± 1gr
Speciale onderdelen:
Impuls filter van 20 dB


CE 1974
EN 352-2:2002